1 Kyle and the Worry Dragon

dragon-310237_1280Kyle stood at the corner.

“Look both ways,” cautioned Herman.

Kyle looked to the right—no cars.  Then he looked to the left—no cars there either.  He grabbed Herman’s tail, and they hurried across the street.

Josh and Mark were already climbing to the top of the rocket ship when Kyle and Herman got to the park.

“Hurry up, Kyle!” shouted Josh.

Kyle began to race towards the rocket ship.

“Wait!  Wait! You can’t climb up there,” said Herman.  “It’s too high.  You might fall.”

Kyle stopped and looked at the rocket.  It was high.  Maybe Herman was right.  Maybe it was too dangerous.

“No, I’ve climbed it before; I’ll be okay,” Kyle said out loud.

“But that was with your old shoes.  You’ve never done it with your new shoes.  They might be too slippery,” said Herman.

Kyle looked at his new shoes.  He liked the yellow stripes and the red shoe laces.  He remembered how he had finally learned to make a bow.  He remembered how he had won the race at recess yesterday.  He scuffed his shoe against the sidewalk.  These shoes were good, fast shoes.

“No, I won’t slip,” said Kyle.

“But, but Kyle . . . it’s scary up there.  What if it’s too scary?” whined Herman.

Kyle stared at the rocket ship.  Scary?  He had never thought of the rocket ship as scary before.  He didn’t like being scared.  It didn’t feel good.  It made his tummy get all quivery, and it made him feel like crying.  Then it would make him run and hide.  If it was scary up there, he did not want to go up.dragon-697569_1920

“Come on, Kyle!” yelled Mark.  “Josh and I need you for this game.”

Kyle looked at his friend.  Mark wasn’t crying.  He didn’t even look like he had a quivery tummy.  He looked like he was having fun.

I want to have fun, too, thought Kyle.  He turned and looked at Herman.  “You are being a bossy worry dragon.  I like it when you help me be safe, but I don’t like it when you try to ruin my fun.  I’m going to the top of the rocket ship.  You can come with me if you want, or you can wait for me on that bench.” Kyle pointed to where his mom would sit when she brought him to the park before he was big enough to go by himself.  Then, he spun around.  “Hey, Mark! Josh! Don’t start the game without me!” he shouted and hurried off to join the fun.


Leenie's Bedtime Tales Copyright © 2015 by Eileen Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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